Range Day Sponsors: GT Distributors

GT Distributors

I’ll be posting about many of the great folks we met out at the Legion Firearms Proving Grounds Range Day at Best of the West range in Liberty Hill, Texas! We had an awesome time shooting and seeing some sweet gear from really innovative companies! Thanks to everyone that came out!

During the event we talked quite a bit with Jim Orr and Tim Brown from GT Distributors, one of our great Austin local tactical supply retail outlets. Tim gave us an overview of GT, which you’ll see in the video below.   They are a full online public safety dealer, with three retail outlets, one in Austin, Dallas and Rossville, GA. They carry A LOT:  5.11, Glock, Blackhawk, Taser, Streamlight, Maxpedition, Colt, Vertx, Ka-Bar, Bianchi, Surefire, Springfield Armory and MANY MORE.

Besides the yearly in-store sales like “Glock-tober-fest”, where you can get great sales on Glock and store wide deals, I love being able to stroll into the store and check out the merch. I’ve gotten some amazing deals on 5.11 and other gear there, like my Rush Moab 10 Sling Pack.   The team there is very personable and helpful, giving you the info and benefits of their experiences,  not snotty/arrogant like a lot of gun shop staff.

R. Lee Ermey - Gunny
R. Lee Ermey – Gunny will be at the GT Distributors Dallas Location in October!

Check out this year’s Glock-Tober-Fest event in Dallas, where R. Lee Ermey “Gunny” will be there and hang out, signing autographs and yelling at people.  😎

The Streamlight TLR-1s Tac LED Light that we got from GT Distributors at Legion Firearm’s Range Day!

Since GT Distributors sponsored the Range Day, they supplied some raffle gear that Legion CEO Adam Morehead and his team raffled off.  The GetPunchy crew was lucky enough to win a Streamlight TLR-1s Tac Light with Strobe…  a blindingly bright, waterproof, rail mount LED. It comes with a mounting kit that’ll put the on button just in front of your trigger guard, where you can flash it, strobe it or turn it fully on.  This 160 lumen compact beast of a light will blow your eyes out… it’s sweet. It’s about $119 GT retail price, pics below, but I really can’t accurately represent the brightness of the light…  I flipped it on the dashboard of a car in 100+ degree Texas sun, and I could still see the light spot VERY clearly. It’s bright, damn bright.


Here’s Tim Brown from GT, sorry about the range noise…

Check out the Streamlight gallery!  And check out the gear from GT!


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