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I’m really glad I stumbled across this series of hangover info and cure videos. (get it? “stumbled”.  I crack myself up.)  The folks over at ASAP Science have put together the really simple but informative videos on why alcohol and caffeine dehydrate you, what alcohol does to your body, and why  you get hangovers… of course, most importantly, what you can do to minimize them.  Brilliant huh?

Here’s ASAP Science on Facebook, Twitter and their ASAP Science YouTube channel.  Follow them on each, I’m looking forward to new videos soon!  Keep making the world a better place guys!  😎 

Why do coffee and alcohol make you PEE more?


And here are the mechanisms/action of why you have a hangover…  What Causes a hangover?


And this is gold, what science says about preventing and curing your hangover!

Net-net, eat before drinking, drink lots of water before, during and after drinking, then eat eggs, bananas and fruit juices to get rid of the hangover you already have. Stay away from coffee/caffeine, and keep drinking water. I’ve added liquid vitamin supplements and Power Edge Drink Mix, which we covered here before.


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